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2,150 Gospel Conversations

by David Taylor on March 19, 2018

 On Sunday January 14, Pastor George challenged each of us at Shandon to have a gospel conversation this year. Now that you’ve had a little time to share Jesus, we’d like to start celebrating how God is at work! Have you had a gospel conversation so far this year? If so, we want to know.  Please text “gospel” to 21000 to celebrate that you have had at least one gospel conversation since the beginning of the year. If you’ve had more than one conversation, send that total after your initial text. 

 On Sunday, April 8, we will post the total number of gospel conversations so far this year. 

 In addition to celebrating the numbers, we will be collecting stories, prayer requests, praises, and photos at . We will post these on our display wall in the Gathering Place as well. I’m excited to see how God moves. Let’s pray for life-change and share the gospel with hope for our city!

 Coming this May: 

3 Circles Gospel Conversation Training

In the Gym

Led by Brandon Petersen and David Taylor

On a few Sundays in May, we will bring several Sunday School classes at a time into the Gym for an exciting, interactive training.  The exact Sundays for specific classes will be coming next week!

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