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Fall 2016 Missions Update

Fall 2016 Missions Update

by Shandon Baptist Church on November 01, 2016

In the past 2 months, Shandon sent 16 church members to three different cities to share the light of Jesus.

In September, Mat Saxon led a team of five to a suburb of Los Angeles and David Smith led a team of five to Boston--both teams were assisting church plants we have partnered with for three years. Returning just last week, Jerry Long led a team of six to Cuba--a first for Shandon as travel to Cuba has only just recently become an option for the U.S.!

Below, learn how these teams came alongside believers in very gospel-poor areas of the world to spread the light of Jesus in very spiritually dark cities.




September  22-26, 2016

by Mat Saxon, Minister of Adults & Prayer

Last month  a small team of adults from Shandon Baptist Church boarded a flight to help a very young church plant in Burbank, CA. Story City Church, which is also one of Shandon's current church plant partners, meets in a rented theater in the heart of downtown Burbank, a suburb of Los Angeles. 


Los Angeles is ripe for missions…Consider the following: 

  • More people live in LA than 43 states in America
  • 224 languages spoken in LA
  • 217 neighborhoods and 19 million people
  • 1 in 6 people work in the entertainment industry
  • 1 church for every 23,000 people (Alabama has 1 church for every 1500)


Due to the extremely high cost of living, one of the great ironies for folks living in Los Angeles, is that they have very little disposable income, and rarely get to enjoy movies or other entertainment. In order to introduce people to Story City Church, and provide a way to bless the community, Story City Church routinely sponsors free movie nights for the community.

Our team handed out invites as well as bottled water near transit stations. We also handed out flyers in downtown Burbank. Most fun of all, we got to hand out FREE Krispy Kreme donuts on the streets of North Hollywood while handing out invites!

As a result of our efforts, hundreds of people from all walks of life came and enjoyed a free showing of Zootopia. What made the night even more exciting, was that a member of the church, who was a storyboard artist that had worked on Zooptopia, got to answer some questions about the process of making these films. He also spoke briefly of the role his faith plays in his approach to work.

Our team was blessed by our trip, and the church was blessed as well. We were told that without the help of teams like ours, the invites really could not be made- again due to the high cost of living and the multiple jobs their members work to make ends meet. 


I would encourage you to pray for our church partner. Pray specifically that the leaders would have stamina, encouragement and joy as they wear many different hats and have tons of responsibilities at this phase in the life of their church. Also be praying about what missions opportunities God would have you consider in the coming year!




September 20-24, 2016

by  David Smith, trip leader

Last month’s mission trip to Boston was a truly awesome experience! Our team of five was thrilled to be able to go serve with our church planting partner, Encounter Church, and join them in their efforts to spread the gospel and advance the kingdom of God in the Greater Boston Area.


 Specifically, we worked with them to help show the love of Christ and expand Encounter Church’s reach in the area by serving as volunteers at two major community events that attracted thousands of people each.  Both events were huge successes!

It was inspiring to see the amazing work God has done through Encounter Church in just the last year. I cannot wait to see what more He will do this year.


Please join our team in praying that God will continue to move through Encounter Church and use them in mighty ways to stir a revival of the gospel in one of our country’s most historic and greatest cities.




October  20-28, 2016

by Jerry Long, retired Shandon minister and trip leader

From October 20-28, five Shandon members (Bob Sanders, Marv Sawyer, Tony McElveen, Coates Crewe, and Martin Banks) and I  joined with 13 members of five other SC Baptist churches to minister in greater Havana, Cuba.  


Working with local Cuban believers who are part of a network of 98 house churches, our team of 19 participated in door-to-door and street evangelism during the mornings and afternoons, and children's ministry and adult Bible studies at night. All total, the 19 team members had the joy of hearing 191 individuals pray to receive Christ during the week.  


Pray for these house churches as they spread the gospel under difficult circumstances. Pray that the new ability for U.S. citizens to travel to Cuba will open new doors for God's Kingdom to grow as Cubans hear about Jesus.


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