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Healing Relationships through Apology

Healing Relationships through Apology

by Amy Petersen on October 20, 2015

by Amy Petersen

It's been heartbreaking to see the devastation of so many homes and businesses in our community created by the recent flood waters.  The ruined possessions on the side of the road are sad evidence of the damage within the house.

Devastation can come to our relationships as well.  The flood of selfishness, misunderstanding, and anger can destroy what was once beautiful and uplifting, damaging relationships with our spouse, family, co-workers and friends.  The unseen effects of a broken relationship wreak havoc in our hearts, evidenced by symptoms like angry words, "the silent treatment," irritability and more.

One way to bring relief to a broken or distant relationship is through apology.  Every day I have opportunity to apologize...because every day I mess up. 

What does an apology look like?  What can you say so that the other person will truly hear you (and believe you!)?  How do you bring healing to a broken or distant relationship through an apology?

Dr. Jennifer Thomas (website | Facebook) answers these questions and more in her book The 5 Languages of Apology, co-authored with Gary Chapman, author of The 5 Love Languages

"It's not just a matter of will, but it's a matter of how you say, 'I'm sorry' that ultimately makes things right with those you love."

Just like everyone has a "love language," everyone also has a language of apology--the way they best hear and receive apologies from others. Take a brief inventory to learn your own language of apology and join us for Shandon's Ladies Night Out on Sunday, November 1 at 6:30pm as Dr. Thomas shares how to give and receive an apology so that the other person can truly hear it and, as a result, bring healing to your relationships.  Ladies Night Out includes dinner, message from Dr. Thomas and a copy of her book The 5 Languages of Apology.  Register online for $15 by Sunday, October 25.  Space is limited.


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