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How do you make time for friendships?

How do you make time for friendships?

by Shandon Baptist Church on February 16, 2016

Work deadlines, school projects, doctor's appointments, grocery shopping, taking care of elderly parents or grandchildren, dates with your husband (or least attempting!), shuttling kids to extracurriculars, job /grad school interviews, carving out time for girlfriends...

Our lives are SO busy, and no doubt many of you have been waiting for the dust to settle on February before you can determine if you'll be able to attend this year's Women's Conference at the end of the month--under 2 weeks away!

Well,  we can't help you with much of the above list (and the 562 additional items you have on your to-do), but we CAN help with the last one!  We've designed a weekend Women's Conference called Girlfriend Revolution on February 26 & 27, and it's a great opportunity to plan a girls' weekend.

Doesn't carving out time for girlfriends often get shoved to the bottom of our priority lists? We know how much we crave that time and how refreshed we feel afterward, but it's hard to make time to invest in friendships when life is overwhelming! The Women's Ministry is  here to help.

We want you to walk away more inspired to invest in friendships and with practical ideas for making it happen.

We've created the opportunity and taken care of the details. All you have to do is be intentional: make a few arrangements, be really productive between now and then, and invite a friend (or several!) to do the same. 

Go ahead! Pull out (or up) your calendar. Look at Friday evening, February 26 and Saturday morning, February 27. What's there? Can it move or can someone else take care of those responsibilities? If not, we totally get it. But if you can create the space, we encourage you to! Because friendships are really important and need to be up there on our priority lists. 

Counselor and author Susan Thomas will be joining us as our guest speaker to talk about friendships, plus we'll have two break-out sessions to dig deeper. We want you to walk away more inspired to invest in friendships and with practical ideas for making it happen.

We're also providing dinner Friday night (no need to cook--sweet!), a full, hot breakfast Saturday morning (that's incentive to get up and out on a Saturday morning!), and we'll finish around lunch time so you can enjoy a lunch date with your friends (and hopefully a girls' afternoon!)--or get back to the tasks we're so grateful you rearranged to be with us. 

Take the plunge! Mark off February 26 & 27 as a GIRLS' WEEKEND and hop over here to register. It's just $25 for all that we mentioned above--a pretty sweet deal for a girls' weekend, we think!


Watch this special invitation from Susan Thomas and Amy Petersen: 


Yes! I'm going to make the time to invest in friendships.

(Hint: When you click on the button above, you can also share the event via social media or email for an easy way to invite some friends!)

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