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It’s time to MOVE!

by David Taylor on February 06, 2018


5 Ways to Move Forward after Missions Kickoff

 What does the “receiving team” do after kickoff in a football game?  They MOVE the ball downfield, striving for a touchdown and hoping for a win.  What does Shandon Baptist Church do after Missions Kickoff?  We MOVE.  Below are 5 concrete ways you can be instrumental in Missions at Shandon:


  1. GO to the MOVE missions conference.  I went last year, and it was awesome!  This year, I want to take at least 20 members who are interested in missional leadership.  You can register here.
  2. GO on a Mission Trip.  Start the process now by submitting an interest form here.  Let’s send 350 Shandon members in 2018!
  3. GO to our local schools.  It would be a huge win if, as a result of this post, a Sunday School class at Shandon adopted a local school as a mission partner.  You can sign up as an individual or a class to take meals, practice sight words, or meet other needs by emailing or talking with Brenda in the Gathering Place this Sunday.
  4. GIVE to the Pete Richards Mission Scholarship Fund.  We are hoping to send 350 church members on the mission field this year, many who are youth or college students.  If you would like to help them, you can designate your gift by writing “Pete Richards Mission Fund” on the memo of your check.
  5. PRAY for our missionaries.  Specifically, I’d love to see every slot in our church prayer room filled.  We keep missionary prayer requests updated in the prayer room.  Sign up for a slot by emailing with your top three time preferences. 


Thank you for being a part of what God is doing!


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