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Let Us Not Grow Weary, part 2

Let Us Not Grow Weary, part 2

by Dick Lincoln on January 24, 2017

Last Sunday, January 22, we began our Even Greater initiative with a Big Give. 

Thank you for your participation. Thank you for your faith in action. Thank you for blowing me away with your generosity and commitment to God and to this church. 

If you weren't here this past Sunday, you still have an opportunity to be a part of this kick-off for Even Greater.


I look forward  to celebrating our progress with you in the coming weeks!


In the meantime, let me share with you about something else that's coming up...

Last week, in the follow-up summary of the State of the Church message, I mentioned that there were 4 additional ways to persevere in doing good. There are 3 steps you can take now and another that is coming in February. 





If you have found yourself growing weary in doing good, a great way to renew heart is to get involved in serving. Take steps now to rediscover a passion for ministering to people in our church and beyond our walls.

We have a multitude of ways for you to use your spiritual gifts, skills and experiences in serving the church, and we'd love to help you find your place.




If you don't have a plan for reading God's Word and praying daily, I encourage you to get started now. So what that January is almost over! Or if you tried to start with the new year but have already gotten off track! Each day moment is a new opportunity to renew your commitment to God and reconnect with Him on a daily basis.

Our Connection Guide provides a plan for reading through the Bible in a year, tips for setting good spiritual goals, and ideas and encouragement for prayer and worship. Pick up a Connection Guide in the Gathering Place or download online. 




Life is busy, I know. Competing schedules and commitments can make it easy to, over time, take a more casual attitude toward church attendance.

Will you renew your commitment to being in the Lord's house on the Lord's day?

I encourage you to be an active participant in the life of our church through your worship and Sunday School attendance. Your presence makes a difference, not only in your life and the lives of your family members, but also in the lives of others. Your absence means your Sunday School class misses opportunities to hear and learn from you as well as minister to you. Your absence means your voice is missing from the host of God's people lifting up their praise in unison.

I treasure our time together on Sunday mornings. I hope you do, too.





On February 5, we launch a 3-week outreach emphasis called Tell Someone. Not coincidentally, that Sunday is also Missions Day. Why? We want to start off 2017 being intentional about loving our neighbors (both across the street and around the world) and sharing Christ.

Please make every effort to be in Sunday School for this 3-week emphasis. I believe you'll be encouraged and equipped to love your neighbors, minister to them, invite them to church, and ultimately share Christ with them. At the very least, I think you'll begin to think differently about sharing Christ than perhaps you have in the past.  

This is not your run-of-the-mill evangelism campaign! It's refreshing, personal, practical and very, very doable. If you've struggled to feel successful in carrying out the Great Commission in the past, these 3 weeks could be a game-changer for your personal evangelism.



2016 was a great year (did you see the Year in Review video?), and we're off to a great start in 2017!

Thank you for all the ways you're making this year count for the kingdom.  

Your Pastor,



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