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"Mommy, I know that Jesus is the Savior.”

"Mommy, I know that Jesus is the Savior.”

by David Taylor on April 11, 2017

My youngest son, Noah, whispered this life-changing truth into my wife’s ear last Easter during worship. 

I was sitting in the same pew, so I asked Sarah what Noah had said.  I had assumed I was about to be on bathroom duty, but no.  God was at work.  The gospel had brought my son from darkness to light.  With his confession, Noah stepped into the Easter story.  How beautiful! 

 A few months later, I got to baptize Noah and start some new routines.  Every night we read Scripture together.  Every night we pray together.  Every night I trust that my boy will center his life on the gospel.  After a year of seeing the gospel at work in Noah, I find myself praying these 3 prayers for him (and all my children) with growing consistency and urgency:

  1. “God, bring my children to yourself.”  

    I’ve learned through error that no amount of coaxing can bring a lost person to Christ, and the same is true for my kids.  I have also learned that God answers prayer in His time.  I hope that this week, as the gospel is magnified, that Jesus will draw my children to himself.   

  2. “God, help my children to join your mission.”

    I want to be less concerned with my kids’ social status, academic success, or earthly reward than I am with their availability to the mission of God.  I hope this week, as my family invites neighbors to church, that I am able to inch my children another step closer to realizing what God put them on this Earth for.  

  3. “God, keep my children close to you."

    Kids are like us adults in this regard:  they are spiritually inconsistent.   Although I am so glad that Easter helps us to refocus, I hope that we stay focused.  I must admit I am convicted that as they look to me, I hope they see Him.  I pray that they will keep their eyes on Jesus and be kept by Jesus.

In just a few days, our church will celebrate the resurrection of our savior, Jesus Christ.  I love how the gospel-focus gives me prayer-focus and parenting-focus.  I pray for my children to believe in Jesus, because they were made to be His.  As John 1:12 says, “12 But to all who did receive him, who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God.” 

Take a next step

Join me in praying for your own children (in your home or grown) and  for all the children of our church to “know that Jesus is the Savior.”

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