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Online Praying... What?

by Scott Lee on March 12, 2018

We live in an age where communicating to thousands of people is as easy as the keystroke of a computer.  It wasn’t too long ago that if you had a prayer request you would mention it individually to each of your praying friends and you hoped that they would be faithful to keep your request before the Lord.  Even the best of friends can lose connection and forget to pray.  We have recently added a feature to our website www.shandon.org that gives you the opportunity to post a prayer request as well as pray for those requests posted by others!  Honestly, most folks don’t share too many prayer requests for fear of appearing needy or even “gossipy”.  However, the reality is that we don’t want to walk through the times of ill health or loneliness by ourselves.  We join with others who need an army of Prayer Warriors to come alongside them as they fight the enemy of sickness or anxiety.  This is the perfect opportunity for you to use the online prayer opportunity found on our church website.


To access this, go to the homepage at www.shandon.org and scroll to the bottom.  You will see several “buttons” with the bottom one being PRAYER.  You will immediately be taken to a screen where you will be given the opportunity to type in your new prayer request or pray for one of those that are already listed there.  When you pray for someone’s request, they will be sent a message that says “someone prayed for you!”.  What an encouragement that is!  Once you post your prayer request, then not only will you be joined with so many others praying for that request, but you will get the encouragement of knowing others are praying with you!  Try it now!

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