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"Thank You" from Suburban Baptist Church

"Thank You" from Suburban Baptist Church

by Shandon Baptist Church on October 10, 2016

The following email was sent to Pastor Lincoln on October 5, 2016. We wanted to share Pastor McGee's kind remarks with the church at large.


Greetings and Salutations in the glorious name of our Lord.

 Pastor  Lincoln, 

Just a quick note to tell you thank you for a job well done.  Two weeks ago, we had one of your Sunday School classes join us at Suburban Baptist Church for a day of works.  It was a glorious time in the Lord.  I wanted to congratulate you on your leadership as one that would continue to have your congregation help others in the Kingdom less fortunate.  I am sure at this moment God is saying about your Sunday School class, your church, your leadership, . . . .” Job well done my good and faithful servant, job well done.” 

Suburban Baptist is in W. Columbia.  We are a poor church of 120 members, seating 60 on any good Sunday.  We are in the middle of the “hood.”  It is hard for the poor to help the poor.  Our annual budget is approximately $36,000.   Besides trying to keep the lights on, included in that budget is giving food to 420 individuals every month.  We have nothing left over and need help.  Shandon Baptist Church to the rescue.  Thanks to your members, we now have a new ramp, carpeting for that ramp, new windows, a front porch repaired, new workable flagpole, landscaping and the inside cleaned as never before.  And the amazing part was that this was done with Joy in their voices and song in their hearts.  All Glory to God.   

Oftentimes we never know about the ripples we cause inside His Kingdom, simply by obeying an act of love or helping out.  Because of your team's efforts, many of our own have a renewed spirit of helping the church.  If strangers can help us, why can't we do it ourselves?  This gives me great joy and hope!  Suburban is truly a mission church, and help and hope is what we need at times above all else.  Your event provided us with that.  Again I give you my personal thank you for such.   

Please allow Roy Hess and your wonderful organizer Sandra Lorick know how much their work meant to us all.  And too please allow all the others to know how indebted we are to them.  I trust you will continue to encourage the church to vigorously pursue outreach in the community.  While I am aware that there are mission fields in Africa that need your help, one just across the river in West Columbia greatly needed your help as well.  God Bless you and your congregation.  Thank you for your grace, whereby you have served the Lord acceptably and with reverence.  All Glory to God.  Blessings and Cheers.



Pastor T

Tracy McGee, Sr. Pastor
Suburban Baptist Church

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