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Top 5 Reasons Your Student Needs To Be At Impact Weekend

by Frank Shimkus on February 13, 2018

The biggest event we do in the 803 Student Ministry is just right around the corner - March 2-4. If you haven't signed your student up yet, let me give you my top 5 reasons you should do so immediately...



#5 - The Early Bird Price Ends After February 18th


Right now the cost is $75 for the entire weekend.  After February 18th the price goes up to $100.



#4 - Friday and Saturday Night Events


On Friday night we will have human foosball and jousting as well as a live dance group...there will be breakdancing involved!  On Saturday night we have the entire Plex at Irmo to ourselves!  These two nights will be tons of fun.


#3 -  Great Food


We will be having Chick-fil-A and Moe's...always crowd favorites for our students. 


#2 - Host Home Small Groups


Staying in host homes for the weekend may be the single best way for your students to make long lasting relationship. If you've ever said, "my son/daughter is having a hard time connecting" there is no better time than Impact Weekend to solve that problem.


#1 - Atheism Debate


We've done debates in the past but this is sure to be our best one yet. We have good friend of Richard Dawkins, Herb Silverman, debating for atheism and Richard Howe debating for theism. We are expecting a record crowd for this one and Impact Weekend students will get preferred seating! This is one they do not want to miss.

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