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Why do we pledge?

Why do we pledge?

by Shandon Baptist Church on November 11, 2014

Watch Claudine Tezzo's giving story below.

This Sunday, November 16 is Pledge Sunday.  Near the end of each year, we ask our members to commit to giving to God in the coming year.  Prayerfully consider your response, and we invite you to bring your pledge card this Sunday (you can also pick up one in the pew pockets or pledge online) and joyfully commit your faith and finances to our great and gracious Lord, who is worthy of praise.

Why do we pledge at Shandon?

Watch this 2012 sermon from Dr. Lincoln:

 Or listen to the audio here

Watch Claudine Tezzo's giving story

Claudine and her husband, Simon, moved to the U.S. from the Congo in 1995. Claudine shares her childhood memory of that special Sunday of the month when the whole community would bring in their tithes. 

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