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Why Easter Buckets?

Why Easter Buckets?

by David Taylor on March 21, 2017

Starting this Sunday, you will notice blue Easter buckets in your Sunday School classes and in the Gathering Place.  

Why are we asking every church member to bless their neighbors with blue buckets? 


I’m a guy.  I get it.  But I did this last year, and it worked, so I’m glad to answer: 


Unified efforts like this make an impact.


  Last year, we gave out almost 1,000 buckets to area neighbors and businesses.  I personally took some Gatorade to a neighbor working in the yard.  I thought it might be  awkward, but it wasn't. In fact, it was easy!  I ended up having a great conversation and inviting my neighbor to church for Easter Sunday.  I have every intention of repeating and expanding the invites this year.  The blue bucket helped me break the ice and open a door!


Shandon member Hilary Dickerson made this "bubble bath" bucket last year to invite a friend to Easter services at Shandon.
(via Instagram)


I wasn’t the only one who had success last year, and I want you to know what others experienced.  Starting this Sunday, you will see various examples of how others used the Easter buckets to bless their neighbors.  Feel free to copy them  or use them as  inspiration to try something else.  



Step 1:  Pick up a Bucket and an Easter Invite card from the Gathering Place.

Step 2:  Choose someone to bless and fill your bucket with treats.

Step 3:  Give your bucket to your neighbor, and invite them to celebrate Easter at Shandon.


About a month ago, we finished Tell Someone, a 3-week series on how to love our neighbors. Let’s circle back to the 3-2-1 Challenge we issued to our church: In the weeks leading up to Easter, pray for three neighbors, invite two neighbors, and tell one person about Jesus. 

Those three challenges remain, and the Easter Bucket Outreach is a fun tool for accomplishing part two. 

We have an action-packed and exciting month ahead as we welcome George Wright on Palm Sunday and celebrate  Easter with a community Egg Hunt, The Eucharist, and 4 Easter weekend worship services! (Get the scoop here.)

Let's get the word out to those who need to hear about Jesus and be encouraged by the truth of the Gospel! 

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