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You're Invited

You're Invited

by Brandon Petersen on October 24, 2016

While eating lunch with someone the other day, I had the privilege of sharing the story of how I became a follower of Jesus Christ. An important part of that story involves a few friends who would not stop inviting me to church. They knew this cool truth: they were inviting me to something much greater than a building or place to fellowship and worship—they  were inviting me to encounter Jesus Christ. Their lives had been radically changed by Jesus, and they wanted me to have the same opportunity.




My life was eternally changed because someone invited me to church.  I also really love my church. These two realities  are constant motivators to invite others to church.


I'm living proof that those two (ok, really three) simple words can  change a person’s life forever. I keep one of our invite cards just below my monitor so that every day I am reminded of one simple but profoundly important opportunity I can engage in each and  every day—inviting people to church. 

I wish I could tell you I acted on every opportunity I have been given to invite friends and even strangers to church, but unfortunately I have not. You might be in the same boat as me. I guess the lunch I had the other day really inspired me to look at this with a fresh perspective as I was telling this person about how Jesus changed my life. 

The good news is: each new day presents brand new opportunities. The great news is: it is really not a hard thing to do. The church is the greatest place I go to each week. Just think with me for a moment about what we get to do at church…worship a truly wonderful and awesome God, share life with incredible and encouraging people, engage God’s holy and inspiring Word, and do something truly meaningful as a family. Believe me, the list could go on, but I will stop there.


I would like to challenge you to stop for a minute as you read this and reflect on what the church is to you and how Jesus has changed your life. As you do that, I pray you, too, will be inspired to be a part of impacting someone else’s life for eternity by simply inviting them to church.


What does Shandon mean to you? How has Jesus changed your life?


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