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Love Cola - September 22

Love Cola - September 22

by David Taylor on September 04, 2018


Plan now to participate in Love Columbia: Saturday, September 22 from 9am-12pm! Formerly known as Love Loud, this collective day of service provides an opportunity for all Sunday School classes and individuals to Live Sent!

Teachers and directors, please have a representative present at tomorrow’s Love Columbia Class Project Coordinators Meeting, 6:30 p.m. in C121. We’ll finalize details for all class projects, including the following unassigned projects:

  1. Richland Northeast High School: Weeding and tending to existing Shakespeare garden (5-8 people)
  2. Providence Home (men’s shelter): Provide a meal for 30 to 40 men on THURSDAY 9/20 at 5:00 p.m. (8-10 people)
  3. Palmetto Place Children’s Shelter: Building a raised garden bed at Campus A. Class to provide 6 2x4s or railroad ties, rebar, and shovels (5 people)
  4. Lighthouse for Life: Deliver posters to hotels and rest areas dealing with human trafficking awareness (5-7 people or more)
  5. Shandon Baptist Seniors: Need wheelchair ramp built in Columbia (5-6 people)
  6. Forest Lake Elementary: Clean inside windows (5-15 people)
  7. Suburban Baptist Church: Plumbing work, ramp repair, replace 3 broken windows, cleaning, exterminating, install new basketball goal. *Please indicate if your class can handle part or all of this project; various number of people and skill levels needed for different projects listed.
  8. Woodfield Baptist Church: Hang several interior doors in building damaged by flood (2-3 people)
  9. Columbia Fire & Richland County EMS: Join with another class to feed personnel from both agencies.

If you’re not plugged into a SS class, individuals can choose from several projects at Victory Ranch or Jubilee Academy. Click here to select your project online.

Questions? Contact Love Columbia Coordinator Kim Jolley at .

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