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Why Every Sunday Is Easter Sunday

Why Every Sunday Is Easter Sunday

by John Blair on April 22, 2019

By the time you read this, Easter Sunday on the 2019 calendar will have already come and gone. 

There is the tacit understanding that more people than normal attend Easter services. After all, it’s Easter and many people feel the need to go to church on this special day.  Many churches spend the weeks preceding Easter advertising egg hunts, extra services, special events, and going the extra mile for anything we would consider a normal Sunday. 

Growing up, it was customary in my family for the kids to get a new outfit and to wake up that morning to a basket full of candy and the traditional Easter sermon text on Sunday morning with extra music.  If you didn’t think that was enough, just wait for the Easter family meal followed up with a nap.  I’ve always felt like the Sunday following Easter seems to be some sort of let down if you were to be a first-time guest that came back.

But it would be a tragic misunderstanding to think that Easter Sunday is the only day of the whole year we should focus on the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Easter itself never ends for the one who is alive in Jesus Christ. 

The reality is every Sunday, actually every single day of our lives, we live in the hope and reality that the tomb is empty and Jesus is alive in our very hearts. 

We cannot tie down the most historic, grave defying event to a pomp and circumstance celebration of only one day a year. 

There is never a normal Sunday.  Why? Because the resurrection of Jesus Christ was anything but normal.  People surrendering their lives to a Savior who left heaven for us, lived a perfect life, died in our place, rose from the dead is anything but normal.

Every Sunday God’s people are to be ready to proclaim that gospel in season and out. It lifts us out of our chains and slavery and places us fully secure into the grasp of God’s salvation. Spring is not the only season and Easter Sunday is not the only day of battle. Jesus has won for us life forever because of His resurrection.

Every time we are gather to worship, we are gathered to celebrate that reality.  It’s never worship without or apart from Easter. We never show up wondering, “Hmmm, I wonder if there will be forgiveness today. What if Jesus lost and Satan won–maybe we’ll hear that today.” By no means! Every Sunday we gather together to proclaim again and again that Jesus is alive, the tomb is empty, and we’re walking in that freedom. 

So don’t do anything different this Sunday at Shandon Baptist Church that you would do for Easter.  He is still alive.  Worship Sunday because it’s Easter still.  Speak the gospel to your friends and family Sunday because its Easter still.

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