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Worship = Worth Ship. 

Worship = Worth Ship. 

by Scott Lee on March 05, 2019

We are so fortunate here at Shandon to worship together with powerful and anointed music along with Bible based and passionate preaching.  You will see in the coming weeks a series of blogs written by different members of the Shandon Worship Staff.  Through these blogs, we want to lean in to the Scripture-based philosophy of the Worship Ministry that is the foundation of what worship is and then how it proves out through the two worship styles that define our services.  Regardless of which service you are in, the power of worship is undeniable and as a result we are seeing lives transformed to be more like Christ.

Worship = Worth Ship. The One who we worship is the only one worthy of such attention and adoration.  Often we come into church with a set of expectations or preferences that distract us, keeping us from pouring ourselves out in worship.  We find our hands are so full of our own concerns and expectations, that we can miss the undeniable presence of God.  Very often we look at the music as “worship” but the reality is that music is a means for us as worshipers to engage in a manner that opens our hearts to the presence and work of God.  As your Worship Pastor, it is my prayer and desire that Shandon be known as a praying church, a missions church, a Gospel centered church and a worshiping church.  I hope you will take time to read these brief Blogs in the coming weeks.  They not only reflect the heart of your staff, but the heart of God found in scripture when it comes to worship.  Let me introduce you to the team…

Andrew Carr – Andrew is our Modern Worship and Creative Arts Pastor and leads our Modern Worship experience as well as overseeing our communications department here at Shandon. He is married to Lauren and they have two girls, Etta and Nellie.  They came to us from Biltmore Church in Asheville 5 years ago this March!  Andrew knows Modern Worship and is an excellent leader and instrumentalist.  You’ll want to read what he says about worship.

John Blair – John is our Minister of Instrumental Music and is primarily in charge of our Orchestra but also is the head of our Worship Arts Center.  The Worship Arts Center is the arm of the Worship Ministry where we teach voice and instruments for those looking to learn and develop their talent.  John and his wife Jennifer along with their children Rion Kate and Ethan came to us from a great church in West Monroe LA.  His heart for God is evident in his worship leadership, his teaching of the Word and his heart for missions.

Kristen Brantley – Kristen serves in the area of Worship Development.  Primarily she leads in the Modern Worship area as well as the student and college worship venues.  She takes the folks who have the desire and helps train them to be of service here at Shandon.  Kristen is working on new and effective ways to move our worship leadership to a place of confidence and capacity.  She loves God and is fun to be around!  Her perspective on worship leading is refreshing!

Production Team – As you can imagine, there are plenty of moving parts when it comes to our morning Worship experience.  Our team is made up of strong and Godly staff who have a desire to make the word of God and the activity of God clear and without distraction.  Glen Kinsey (Audio), Seth Ely (Audio), Steve Dirks (Presentation/Volunteer Development) Daniel Dawkins (Production Associate) are constantly working to improve our experience and to serve the church and the Cause of Christ.

The folks that make up the Shandon Worship Staff are strong and  talented.  They study and prepare hard to lead in a manner that will connect with people and will point people toward Jesus.  I want to challenge you in these coming weeks to go on a Worship Journey with us and prepare to be the Worshiper that God wants us to be and deserves!  Can’t wait to hear your stories about how God has spoken to you through the words of these Worship Leaders!

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