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What Is "For Generations To Come"?

God has blessed our church with the opportunity to purchase the AMC Movie Theater adjacent to the upper parking lot of our church. In June of 2023, our church family voted unanimously to purchase the property. Since then we have been in the process of asking God the question, “How would you have us use this property for your glory?” Right now, all we know is that God is going to use this property for His Kingdom FOR GENERATIONS TO COME.

Ways You Can Be Involved:

  1. PRAYER: We want to be a praying church in every season. God is blessing us and we pray that God would provide the funds for us to purchase the property, but we also pray for vision in what to do with it.
  2. GIVE: Equal Sacrifice, various acts of generosity means that we all have a role to play in giving! You can give directly to FOR GENERATIONS TO COME by pressing the button below.
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