Sunday School IronMan: Now What?

Posted by Eric Barfield on

So, you drank the Kool-aid and stepped up to be your Sunday School class IronMan. Congratulations! Now you are probably wondering what exactly you are supposed to be doing and how. First of all, don't freak out. Our IronMen Network Sunday School initiative is simply designed to broaden our sense of church community by encouraging guys to connect beyond Sunday Mornings. Here are some practical ideas of how you might make that happen in your class.

1. Ask just two men from your Sunday School class to get together for lunch sometime. Tell them you would like to see the men in your class meet together on a regular basis either to fellowship, study the Bible, or just lend a hand to someone in need. Brainstorm what might work for the men in your class and then put something on the calendar and go for it.

2. Speak up during Sunday School announcements that you are "the man" and that you'd like to challenge the other men to participate as a group in the next IronMen activity. For example, IronMen @ Shandon will be conducting a Holiday Service project doing light yard maintenance at the Good Samaritan Clinic on Saturday morning, December 15th. Tell them it can be their excuse to get out of shopping that morning!

3. Pick one night a month that you will put on the calendar (for example, third Thursday) where your guys can get together and hang out. Go to a movie, go bowling, eat some chicken wings - whatever. I promise you, bonds formed this way are important and useful. Just as iron sharpens iron.   

4. Go BIG then go home! Pick a weekend and make up your own guys' retreat. Head out on a Friday night to the mountains and come back Saturday night. See #3 above for what this can do.

5. Tell your Sunday School teacher that he's so good you can't get enough and so you want him to lead just the guys in a monthly Bible study. We'll support you with ideas and resources, if needed. There are success stories right now at Shandon where men are doing this very thing!

6. Fail. Yep, that's right. Don't be afraid to fail. Chicken out, procrastinate, have good intentions then don't follow through. Do something and nobody shows. We get it. I've done it. But then, pick yourself up try again. Why? Because we think it is extremely important that men get better acquainted while also learning from each other's practical experiences of living out our unique role as Christian men in the home, in the workplace and in the church.

As you can see, there is no specific script for you to follow. We just want you to give it a go and, again, we are here to support you, encourage you and provide the resources you need to engage the guys in your class. 



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