At Shandon we believe everyone has a next step to take in their relationship with God. Each individual is in a uniquely different place on their journey of faith. Shandon’s Next Steps ministry is excited to walk with you on your personal path to a deeper relationship with Jesus.


If you’re a first-time guest and would like to get involved with a small group, and/or would like a pastor to follow up with you, you can click here:

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Membership at Shandon Baptist is achieved by attending Discover Shandon.

Interested in becoming a member of Shandon? Membership is achieved by attending Discover Shandon where you'll meet with a pastor and learn more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and what it means to be a family member of a local church Shandon. We will also discuss the vision and values of Shandon and what the Bible says on a variety of important topics, including biblical descriptions of the church and the responsibilities of church members. The teaching pastor will be available to help you plan your next steps in becoming a member of Shandon. Childcare is available with reservation. 

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