Our Mission, Values, & Vision

We exist to MAKE, MATURE, and MULTIPLY disciples of Jesus Christ, one life at a time, in the Midlands and Beyond.

Shandon Baptist Mission 2

Our Mission

What Does It Mean to Make, Mature, and Multiply Disciples?

Disciple-making is intentionally sharing the gospel in word and deed, empowered by the Holy Spirit using the Word of God, so that the sinner repents, believes, and receives Jesus as Lord; and upon salvation, the newly converted sinner is baptized and intentionally taught, through accountable relationships in the church, how to live an obedient life to Christ, both devotionally and missionally.

Our Mission In Action

At the heart of our church's identity lies a transformative value—discipleship. We wholeheartedly embrace the mission to see transformation one life at a time in the realization of our core value: making, maturing, and multiplying disciples. This shared commitment fosters intentional community, spiritual growth, and a collective journey of faith, aligning our values with the mission to impact lives through love, faith, and positive transformation.

Shandon Baptist Mission 4

We will be a

church centered on Bible-focused worship

We believe that the Bible is the authoritative, inspired, innerant, imperishable Word of God. Therefore, we will teach, study, and sing the Bible in all gatherings, services, and ministries at our church.

Shandon Baptist Mission 5

We will be a

church creating a culture of disciple-making

We believe that we are called to be disciples of Jesus that make disciples. We will prioritize relationships over events, growth of others over our convenience, and will train disciple-making in the home, church, and around the world.

Shandon Baptist Mission 6

We will be a

Church called to Missions

We believe that we are called to "go into the world and preach the Gospel to every person.” Every member is a Missionary and advancing the mission around us is more important than preserving the tradition among us.
Shandon Baptist Mission 7

We will be a

Church connected by prayer

Prayer starts with listening to God through His Word and is the source to His power. We will be a church that prays for God’s presence, each other, and the lost in our homes and corporate gatherings.

Shandon Baptist Mission 8

We will be a

church committed to Sacrificial generosity

We believe that God uses the resources of the church to further His Mission, both here in the Midlands and beyond. We will be a generous church that gives sacrificially for the Kingdom.

Discipleship Pathway

Our Vision

The Discipleship Pathway

As disciples of Jesus, we never stop growing in our faith and in our actions. As a part of our vision for the future, we have a Discipleship Pathway that sums up every aspect of both our church life corporately and our church life individually. Click a tab below to learn more about each of the four pillars of our Discipleship Pathway.

We Value Prayer and Evangelism

We are a church connected by prayer. At Shandon, we see prayer as the defining mark of the church’s ministry. We believe God’s word teaches that a church rises when dependent believers lower themselves in prayer. Through teaching and example, we encourage everyone at Shandon to dedicate themselves to obedient prayer.

Corporately, we prioritize prayer through five primary gatherings:

  • The Preparation
  • Stand in the Gap
  • 24 Hour Maundy Thursday (Sign-up)
  • Congregational Fasts
  • 21 Days of Prayer

We are a Great Commission church because Jesus loves the Great Commission. Proclaiming the Gospel, sharing biblical truth, and investing in others is God’s plan for the church. We are disciples making disciples, equipping the saints for the work of the ministry, sharing the Gospel in word and deed in our daily lives.

Our church’s evangelism strategies include:

  • Reach Events
  • 3-1-1 Relational Evangelism
  • Evangelism Training Workshops
  • Shandon Plus Podcast
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