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Weekend services are available exclusively online and on demand.  View our streaming services on Sundays at 9:00 AM, 10:30 AM, 1:00 PM, and 5:00 PM.  In addition, you can view Shandon worship services on demand at shandon.org or on YouTube (Shandon Baptist Church).

Though we’re socially distant, we don’t have to be spiritually distant. So we’ve created resources for online groups as well as options for children and students.  Hundreds are meeting each week in virtual groups led by Shandon teachers and group leaders who are gathering around the word of God.  If you’d like to find out more about how you can join a digital Zoom group, click here.

As a church, we are still committed to our mission to live sent. If you would like to serve our local community during this time of social distancing, visit lovecola.org.  You’ll discover a number of ways you can help.

We also want to communicate with you throughout the week via email. If you’re not currently receiving email from Shandon, sign up by clicking here.

As we prayerfully consider our options for reopening, we want you to be aware of our plans to regather as a church.  Though circumstances may change, here is how we currently envision our progress toward corporate worship and group gatherings:


Beginning Monday, May 11, small groups and Sunday School classes may gather at the church by reservation only.  To observe social distancing guidelines, group leaders may reserve a time Monday through Friday in the gym or outside on the church campus (parking lot, field, etc.).  All groups are encouraged to continue meeting virtually and worship services will continue to be offered online and on demand. 


For the foreseeable future, social distancing guidelines will be recommended for all medium and larger public gatherings.  This means we won’t be able to safely accommodate as many people as normal on our campus for worship or other ministry events. On a date to be determined, we may offer weekend worship environments with reduced capacity to ensure that all social distancing guidelines are observed.  We are passionately committed to the next generation, but to protect their health and safety, we will not offer Preschool, Children or 803 Student Ministry gatherings during Phase 2. In addition, those who are considered vulnerable or at-risk will be encouraged to attend worship online and not on campus when limited services are scheduled.  Online groups will continue to meet weekly through Zoom and other virtual environments.


Though there is no confirmed date for a full reopening at Shandon, this is our ultimate goal.  We ask for your prayers, as well as your patience, as we seek wisdom to determine the timing and circumstances for regathering.  Like you, we can’t wait to gather for worship as the people of God!  In the meantime, we ask you to faithfully join others in worship, community, missional opportunities, and giving.  What a great opportunity we’ve been given to Live Sent in our respective communities and neighborhoods.

As God continues to open doors of Gospel opportunity throughout our city, please know that your faithful generosity fuels our mission and our impact as a church.  To partner with others at Shandon, simply click here to make a one-time gift, or set up recurring contributions.

Special Note:  Local ordinances and public health trends may affect the timing and content of each phase. At Shandon, we will carefully observe social distancing recommendations. This will require extraordinary patience and perseverance, especially among those who may feel isolated because of elevated vulnerability.  As we plan and anticipate the day when we gather again, one of the best ways we can love and serve our community is to exercise sound wisdom while staying on mission.  In the coming weeks, we will update our plans and keep you posted how we will regather in the safest possible way.

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